Friday, October 26, 2018

Rose, No swearing in my house!

Rose continually talks like a trucker and Dad is fed up with it. He has her write out "I will not swear in the house" 75 times and then makes her recite each line with each swat to her sassy bottom.

He starts her spanking with her jeans on, then over her panties and finally on her bare bottom. He also uses a nice sound paddle too.

Then it's down with the jeans and a good sound spanking over her panty's. Rose still seems defiant so it's time for a bare bottom spanking.

This time it's very no non-sense blister her bottom spanking. Rose simply has to learn the hard way that there is to be "No swearing in the house"!

(Important Note: The women in Spank Her 4 Real Videos are NOT professional models. The are REAL women who get Spanked 4 Real.)

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After her very blistered bottom has had enough Rose is sent to her room to finish crying.

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